TAB | Sports Bar | KENO

The Fairfield Hotel’s recently renovated Outdoor VIP Lounge features the latest technology and entertainment to suit your needs. You will be pleasantly surprised by it’s comfortable, spacious and private atmosphere.

Sports Lounge

The Sports Lounge creates an alternative for those who are passionate about their sport. A very relaxed atmosphere welcomes those astute and passionate supporters who love to ‘put their money, where their mouth is’…

Sports Lounge Features include:

  • 1 x Sky 1 and 1 x Sky 2 big screen TV’s
  • 5 big screen sports LED TV’s
  • 10 large Skytext and Flexicast live betting information screens
  • TAB & Keno self-service terminals, with Keno Roulette


The newly renovated KENO offers the latest technology including self-service terminals and KENO roulette.